Choosing a dog bed made simple

When you are presented with an overwhelming choice, choosing the perfect bed for your pet is not easy. Therefore, we decided to simplify the process and have listed the key features that must be taken into account while choosing a dog bed.

  1. The right size: There is no standard size for dog beds; the size on display on the beds is the manufacturer’s individual measurements which might not be the same as your dog’s even though it is the same breed. Hence, always measure your dog and add 5 inches to it to find the correct size mattress where its head and limbs don’t hang out.
  2. Washable: Dogs beds can get really messy and dirty because they eat there, sometimes vomit, pass gas, scratch the fleas out of their skin. Some dogs even urinate on them. Therefore, it is essential that you buy a dog bed that can be washed easily or at least goes for one that has a replaceable and washable cover. Dogs that are prone to allergies will definitely benefit from washable dog beds.
  3. Budget: Quality, durability, and cost always go hand in hand. Good quality supportive beds are expensive but they will last longer. Do not cut corners or you will actually spend more than you intended to in frequent replacements.
  4. Stuffing: Dog beds come with a wide variety of stuffing ranging from cedar chips to inexpensive While younger and healthier dogs can have any stuffing, for older dogs suffering from joint pains the memory foam dog bed is a good choice as it provides more support and is more comfortable.
  5. Chew proof beds: Dogs have a habit of chewing everything. Hence, choose a chew-proof bed not only to prevent it chewing it but also to protect it from ingesting any of the chewed stuffing which will need emergency surgery is a good choice as they give better support and more comfort.