How To Lose 65 Pounds In 3 Months?

Losing 65 pounds 12 weeks is an unrealistic target though you come across lots of commercial television shows claiming to offer it. Unless you have an enormous body weight to lose, weight loss of 65 pounds in 3 months is not a safe goal. To lose 65 pounds in 3 months you will have to lose 5.42 lbs per week which is not achievable even if you follow a medically supervised plan. Follow healthy eating habits and an effective exercise routine so that you can reach your goal of 65 pounds of weight loss within 8 or 9 months.

If you want to follow a diet plan that is convenient and does not involve the hassle of counting calories, you have meal delivery programs like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, etc. Among the two, Nutrisystem is most convenient to follow as it delivers premade diet meals at the dieters’ doorstep in microwavable pouches. All that dieters have to do is reheat the meals and have them during appropriate meal times. Jenny Craig delivers meals based on online orders and also provides at respective centers. There are a few differences and similarities in how these diet planners operate and two diets are compared in this article for you to go through.

In order to lose one pound of fat you will have to create a shortfall of 3500 calories. To lose 65 pounds you need to create a deficit of 227500 calories. To achieve this 3 months, you will have create a deficit of 2700 calories per day which is hard to attain. You will have to merely starve to achieve this goal which leads to fatigue and nutrient deficiencies. This actually crosses the safe goal of 2 lbs per week and this makes you develop a lot of medical complications. When you lose weight quickly, the lost weight comes back quickly. Therefore, you can safely reduce your calorie intake and limit portions according to your current weight and achieve a healthy weight loss.