The Ranks and Ratings in Counter Strikes Ranks and Ratings

Ranks and ratings in CS Go are automated and usually based on the player’s playtime, gaming skills and competitive matchmaking. A rank is an achievement that a player has attained, based on the performance in the placement matches. The competitive matchmaking system determines the player’s ranks as per their calibre. And allows anyone to queue up with someone in a higher-ranking order, if they demonstrate the necessary skill levels.

It sounds simple, right! However, there are many who may have misgivings on the ranking order and matchmaking system. If you are like me who already has a hang of the CS: GO tactical strikes, theme layout and design, and are great at the shots, but still woeful about the loopholes in the ratings order. Here’s good news! I bought my legendary eagle master here and have no qualms with my account whatsoever.

My eagle masters account is so convenient; it helps me to start from where I left off. One needs to understand the multi-tiered CS ranking order first.  The CS GO ranks begin with the silver series, followed by the Gold Nova. The highest rank in the nova series is the Gold Nova Master (GNM/ GN4).

The Guardian League follows the Gold Nova skills. The lowest being Master Guardian 1 and the highest being the Distinguished Master Guardian (DMG). The Legendary Eagle series stands in the top-order ranks with 2 titles in its kitty. The Legendary Eagle(LE), and the Legendary Eagle Master(LEM). The Supreme Master First Class and the Global Elite are the highest up in the order.

These titles and ranks are classified in tiers based on similar skill sets exhibited by the players with a few exceptions. If you are one of those, who feels your skills require a top ranking and a higher level and it is not happening for some reason, an authentic CS GO account with the desired titles may be the solution to your queries. You could always try and see how it works for you.