Why Are Designer Handbags So Expensive?


Handbags are an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe. There are many brands offering this necessary yet luxurious piece of fashion accessory which comes in various shapes, materials, sizes and colors to suit any occasion and personality. Designer handbags on sale are very expensive and undoubtedly considered luxurious and symbols of status and prestige. These exclusive pieces of arm candy are meant for a privileged few or so it seems.

What makes a designer handbag on sale so expensive?

Let us now consider what makes a designer handbag cost a fortune or a little less than a fortune.

  • The high costs of raw materials. Designer bags are made from 100% high-quality raw materials. Materials like leather, jute, cotton etc., that go into the making of these handbags are expensive and their prices only seem to be on the rise every year.
  • Designer handbags on sale are embellished with real gold, precious stones, and silver which increase their production costs and hence the high prices.
  • Most designer items are handcrafted and not mass produced with the help of machinery. Hand stitched bags with handcrafted embossing and artistic value also make these items a luxury to behold.
  • Very often, the brand value or the reputation of the fashion house manufacturing these handbags is iconic and are unparalleled status symbols of the rich and the famous. Therefore, the prices of these designer handbags on sale seen as glamor symbols of the elite are always several notches higher than the regular bags and purses.
  • Most designer handbags are introduced as limited edition pieces and sold as collectible must-haves to complete a wardrobe look. And limited edition handbags are always very expensive because of their exclusivity and original designs.


Designer bags on sale are many sought-after pieces of women’s fashion accessories. They make the wearer/ owner feel special and beautiful and can transform an otherwise ordinary clothing and accessories into a stylish confident look. Branded handbags are eye-catchy and big boosters to a woman’s confidence and overall personality.